Scent Bomb Air Freshener Baby Powder

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Are you also a fan of the scent of baby powder? We are completely convinced and enjoy the scents of baby powder with great pleasure.

The spray can be used on carpets and can also be used in diaper pails so that you always have a nice scent. The product can also be used in several places. Are you curious where else? Discover it for yourself and enjoy.

Brand description:
Unpleasant odors always seem to pop up at the worst possible times. Scent Bomb is here to save you from answering the 3 scariest words in the English language, "What's That Smell?"

Meet your new best friend. This discreet 30ml bottle of Scent Bomb air freshener just might save you from the most embarrassing moment of your life. Scent Bomb spray bottles are made in the USA with 100% pure fragrance oils. The concentrated formula keeps our product smelling better with every spray.

Fragrance: Baby Powder
Content: 30ml
Fragrance duration: 48 hours (per spray)