About us

Dear (future) mom, you were made to give birth to a child. And your baby is made to be born. A beautiful, natural process that actually happens all by itself. But that doesn't mean it can't be heavy and intense. That is why we like to make it comfortable for you. From our birth baths to our birth balls , they all help you to better cope with the contractions so that you can enjoy this special moment more easily. And was your baby born once? Then we offer you everything you need for a good start. You can be proud of yourself.


We understand what you need 

You want to give birth with confidence and only the very best for your baby. That is why you will find carefully selected baby and delivery products from leading brands at Aveta. Your due date is (probably) getting closer as you read this. You therefore want to have everything arranged today. At Aveta we understand that very well, which is why you always benefit from the fastest service with us and we give you personal, professional advice that really benefits you. Everything so that you only have to focus on meeting your little one.


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Together we are strong 

At Aveta, we like to give back to the world. Unfortunately, even in the Netherlands, not everything is well organized for many (unwanted) pregnant women and mothers. That is why we regularly give away our return products to (expectant) mothers who can use this. We work together with midwives and maternity nurses from all over the country who have a good idea of ​​who needs what. Do we not have a product as a return product for a while, but is there still a demand for it? Then it sometimes happens that we still donate it from our own range. But that's not the only thing: for every order placed we donate 1 euro to Stichting Beschermingde Wieg and for every review posted we donate 1 euro to Stichting Babyspullen. Together we stand stronger)!


Hi, I'm Kim!

The face behind Aveta. In addition to being a proud mom of 2 children (2021 & 2022), I am also the one who lovingly packs your packages and the one who answers all your questions. But I don't do that alone. Over the years, Aveta has grown into a full-fledged webshop in birth products and I cannot do without the help of my husband and our team who manage our telephone customer service. You can't and don't have to do everything yourself – I've learned that as a mother. Did you know that Aveta is the Germanic goddess of fertility and birth? Goddesses are adored and I wish you that too; a loving, calm birth and feeling carried in the precious time afterwards. You deserve the best.