Magical Wool: 100% pure organic premium organic wool

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Magical Wool is a natural and organic product that contains no chemicals or preservatives that can be harmful to the skin. Only the goodness of nature itself. With its high lanolin content, the wool has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve and treat inflammation. Air pockets in the wool allow the skin to breathe, making the skin heal much faster! The wool also absorbs 40% of its own weight in moisture, keeping the contact area dry and allowing the skin to heal much better than creams. An organic and mess-free solution for healing inflammation.

How to apply for diaper rash
1. Take a walnut-sized amount of wool and place it in a clean diaper.
2. Make sure the wool is directly on the affected area.
3. Close the diaper. Make sure the wool fits well and cannot slip easily.

How to apply to sore nipples
1. Take a walnut-sized amount of Magical Wool.
2. Place in the bra, making sure the wool is on the affected area.
3. Change regularly if the wool gets wet.

➤ Place the wool directly on the area to be treated. In case of diaper rash, secure with a diaper and in case of sore nipples, secure with a bra.
➤ Do not apply additional creams to the affected area, otherwise the wool will no longer be able to absorb moisture and will lose its effectiveness.
➤ Magical Wool should be replaced in the changing room after each use for hygienic reasons.
➤ Do not wash magic wool as this will lose the wool wax.
➤ Never apply the Magical Wool directly to open wounds, as the fibers of the wool may stick to the wound. Instead, use a guaze.
➤ For best results, leave overnight.
➤ Magical Wool is not suitable for acute inflammatory or feverish illnesses.
➤ Magical Wool is not a substitute for a visit to the doctor. So if you have any doubts, questions or if your or your child's health is deteriorating, consult a doctor.