Water Birth Package Complete

by Aveta
Levertijd 1-3 werkdagen
The complete package for a carefree water birth (excluding bath).

The package consists of:
  • Electric air pump
  • Electric immersion submersible (incl plug adaptor)
  • Scoop net
  • Digital floating bath thermometer
  • Non-slip floor protector
  • Water birth gloves (sterile packed)
  • One supply hose (free from harmful substances, suitable for hot water)
  • Optional: drain hose*
  • Crane couplings**

*NB! Use a new (hygienic) hose to fill your birth bath. If you want to use your bath more often, buy two hoses; one for filling and one for emptying the bath. Discount on the drain hose when purchasing a water birth kit.

**NB! Not every kitchen faucet is the same. The supplied reducer fits most faucets; this concerns standard taps with M22 external thread (screw the end of your kitchen or bathroom tap and measure whether the diameter of the thread is 22 millimetres).