Perineal compress hot/cold

Levertijd 1-3 werkdagen

This reusable and non-toxic compress is suitable for cold and hot use and fits flexibly in your underwear.

The WonderMom Perineum Compress is used to treat the perineum (area between the vagina and anus) before and after childbirth. Due to the fit, the compress stays in place and does not shift.

- Contents: 1 perineum pearl compress and 2 washable covers.

Warm use:

Before childbirth to relax the perineum and promote blood circulation. This reduces the chance of a tear or rupture.

Cold use:

- After childbirth: has a calming, pain-relieving and cooling effect on the perineum that can be irritated, swollen and sensitive after childbirth;

- After a cut or tear to ease the swelling and pain;

- Treating hemorrhoids.