Paradise Air Air Freshener Powder

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In addition to the spray that we sell in baby powder scent, there is now also this. The can of Paradise Air with the scent Powder. The can can be placed anywhere and is easy to place (for example, the toilet). The strength of the scent can be easily regulated by opening or closing the slots of the lid further. Do you enjoy the baby powder scent just like us? Then you are saved with this little can.

Brand description:
The can contains 3 rectangular pads of biological and organic material.

After opening, press the adjustable lid on the can to influence the fragrance intensity.

- Organic cans.
- Powerful high quality fragrances, effective for up to 60 days.
- Easy to use in the car, at home, or at work, applicable anywhere.
- No liquid to spill or leak.
- Adjustable lid for fragrance strength.
- Biodegradable organic pads and recyclable cans