Maternity package Sustainable

by Natalis
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This sustainable and natural maternity package contains medical items that are needed during childbirth and the first days afterwards. This sustainable maternity package has been put together with care, taking the environment and nature into account as much as possible.

Content sustainable maternity package

1x cardboard box
We take the environment into account with our cardboard and therefore have an FSC quality mark. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization dedicated to conservation and responsible forest management worldwide. FSC speaks of responsible forest management when the ecological, social and economic aspects associated with forest management are taken into account in a balanced manner.

1 x Washable underpad (mattress protector)
Washable pad + tuck-in strip 80x90 cm, reusable.
The pad consists of 4 layers and can be washed up to 300 times at 90°C.

*Breathable, waterproof, antibacterial and absorbent

1 x Natalis alcohol (70%)
Through the fermentation of the natural products, 100% naturally produced alcohol is obtained. This alcohol is diluted with very soft water to get a sufficient effect.
Animal testing free, both end product and ingredients are not tested on animals.

1 x Natalis hand gel
Based on 100% naturally obtained alcohol, diluted with 30% very soft water to obtain a sufficient effect.
Does not contain parabens, SLS/SLES, mineral oils (paraffin, vaseline, petrolatum), silicones, propylene glycol and genetically modified plant extracts. Contains glycerin to prevent skin from drying out.
Animal testing free, both end product and ingredients are not tested on animals.

1 x Bel Nature Zigzag Wadding
Organic Ecocert Greenlife 100% organic cotton.

1 x Natracare super sanitary napkin (pack of 12 pieces)
Natural, close-fitting sanitary napkin with an organic cotton top layer.
Contains no plastic, rayon, perfume or dyes and is made without latex, chemical additives and is completely chlorine free. Thanks to the natural materials used, the sanitary napkin is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

2 x Natracare maternity pads (pack of 10 pieces)
Natracare maternity pads with an organic cotton top layer. Extra long, wide and comfortable, for use in the first days after giving birth.
Contains no plastic, GM ingredients, perfume or dyes and is completely chlorine free. Thanks to the natural materials used, the maternity pad is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

2 x Washable stretch pants
Washable stretch pants (60 degrees).
Made of 87% Polyester and 13% Elastane, latex free.

10 x Eco pads 60 x 90 cm
No chemical filling, 100% natural, ecological filling with absorbent top layer, closed on all sides and waterproof bottom layer.

1 x Cetro Cord ring/umbilical cord ring (non-latex)
A baby and environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic belly button clamp. Only a small ring remains around the umbilical stump. The Cord Ring is a sterile tight ring that is used to tie off the umbilical cord after birth. The ring is virtually weightless and made of natural material that does not irritate sensitive baby skin.

15 x Natalis wound dressings 10 x 10 cm*
Sterile wound dressings, made of a non-woven (synthetic cellulose fibres) material, are pliable and therefore very comfortable. In addition, the wound dressing has been degreased and slightly bleached.

* This article does not meet all the characteristics of a natural product, but there is not yet a good alternative for this.